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How to turn grief into joy - grief-loss


I was with my daddy when he died. Apology me, I was with my daddy when his atmosphere left his body. I drove him to the urgent situation room as he was having chest pains. He said that they weren't too bad, and his color was good. He was still walking.

In fact, Daddy walked into the stall in the ER and hopped up on the gurney. About as quickly, he hopped off saying, "Whew, doggie! Feels like somebody's got a knife in my back, right connecting my shoulder blades. " Daddy said it with a great big grin on his face. That's just the way my Daddy was.

A few follow-up later his aorta ruptured spilling his livelihood into his chest cavity. His lips quivered concisely as he said, "I'll see you in a a small amount while. "

The instant his atmosphere was free from his body, an airy contentment immersed the room and flowed out into the busy hallway. The tragedy area took on a dreamlike silence, as all gesticulate and sound seemed to slow?then to stop. I was embraced by a happy amiability so real that it was crushingly palpable. We were no longer separate. Daddy's apparition enfolded and permeated my being.

Is there any way to hold your loved one's aura while navigating the valley of grief? Yes, there are some clothes you can do right away.

First, adjourn your doubtful mind. Whether you look at life after death spiritually, or logically as the biological end of evolution, or by means of the data of quantum physics, you come up with the same answers. Probabilities designate that life continues after the death of the animal body.

Second, appreciate that your loved one is still here with you. Don't say, "Yeah, right!" Delay your doubts. Go anywhere quiet; someplace you can be alone, even if it's a closet. Close your eyes. Get still inside, and just stand there, or sit there and breathe. Give physically a few follow-up to calm yourself. And then conceive of how you would feel with your loved one continuance right beside you-so close that you can hear him breathe and feel his body heat. Pretend, if you will.

Your loved one has not "passed away" anywhere. In authenticity he's more rapidly to you than your heartbeat. There's a thin veil concerning heaven and earth. Your loved one has easily accepted all the way through that veil. S/he can still hear you, see you, and touch you, but your corporal body is a barrier to your being able to perceive your loved one.

Third, when you're quiet inside, ask him a bit clean like "Are you here with me?"

Ahh HAH! Where did that "Yes" come from? Classified your head? Well sort of, but there's more to it than that. Psychologists say that we all have an inner child and an internalized close relative in us. In a comparable way you have internalized your loved one. So what you hear are in part the characteristics of your loved one that you have internalized and partially the still living, growing, eternal creature of your loved one surrounding you in the character world.

The body is a mechanical apparatus powered by chemistry. The living, thinking, loving, remembering, planning, and dreaming part of you is LIFE, and it is eternal. Life cannot be destroyed. At the death of the mechanical, element body the eternal breathing consciousness of you is at once aware of a magnificent freedom. You are clever of considering your attitude body for the first time. And it is exquisite.

Jesus called the life after death "heaven. " He said that it's "at hand" (Matthew 4:17). He also said that it's "within" (Luke 17:21). He called it "paradise. " Jesus told the dying thief on the cross that he would be with Him in paradise today (Luke 23:43). That evidently indicates that there is no before you dot among life and the afterlife. Your loved one is in heaven, or paradise, right now. And that paradise is "at hand" and "within you. "

The New Authentication says that we have a actual body and a spiritual body (1 Corinthians 15:44). It says that the clothes we can see are temporary, but the equipment we cannot see are eternal (2 Corinthians 4:18). Jesus referred to the spiritual body when He said that citizens who live in Him and consider in Him would never die but have ceaseless life.

As for the commonsense finale of evolution, logic requires that there be an afterlife. Character artlessly selects the characteristics of active creatures. Qualities that indemnify survival are preferred over other qualities. If life ends at the grave, why have humans evolved so many qualities that they have a small amount or no use for on earth? Altruism, charity, honor, patience, fidelity, etc. have a small amount value in a association where materialism, war, and self-interest prevail.

Humility and advantage do not cause monetary gain or the acquisition of power. They are a handicap, if anything. Yet, they persist as creature character in the bulk of people. Man is ambitious more by abstractions like love, loyalty, accomplishment, curiosity and discovery than by clean biological directives. Why?

An unborn child develops arms, legs, eyes, and lungs for the reason that it will need them to act in the world into which it will be born. Man develops compassion, devotion, generosity, hope, understanding, and constancy (to name but a few) since he will need them to affair in the world into which he will be born when he plants the bodily body.

And in the same way that an unborn child is not branch out from the world of his family, we are not branch out from the loved ones that have conceded all the way through the veil.

And what if the quantum physicists are right? What if we especially do live in a world with compound dimensions?a holographic world? The mystics and the prophets have insisted that this world is an illusion for millennia. A holographic universe would mean that our bodies, our houses, our cities, and even the stars above us are a mirage. Those dimensions are all about us as the physicists are discovering, and those dimensions certainly do control our world. What if other dimensions are the "mansions" that Jesus referred to?

Your loved one is still here with you. He's part of a dimension that you cannot perceive-yet. You are a spiritual beast having a human experience. You have spiritual senses that you can use to commune with and be converted into aware of your loved ones in heaven. It's done because of paying attention prayer and meditation. In Matthew 5:4 Jesus said, "Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. " That's His promise. Accept as true it. Be subjected to it.

Copyright 2004 Robbin Renee Bridges

About the Author:

RobinRenee Bridges has been a chaplain and administrator in The Place of safety for more than thirty years. She is the creator of "A Association of Love amid Heaven and Earth: Self-Induced Commerce in the Afterlife. " For more articles about death, dying, and the life after death visit her web site at: http://www. spirit-sanctuary. org

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