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Suicide - an eternal pain - grief-loss


Suicide is the one form of death that has quite a shame emotionally involved to it. It brings with it a ambiance of shame and betrayal. It is not the same as maxim to a big cheese "My priest died in a car crash" nor is it the same as axiom a big name died from a heart attack. Having to defend that a big name took their own life can be quite a challenging thing to do as we have no account as to why this dreadful occurance took place.

Suicide among young men is at present emergent quite drastically about the world and I hope that by comprehension my poem associates can see the belongings that suicide has on those that are left behind.

I have enthusiastic my poem below to the recollection of my minister the late James Evans who sadly took his own life on the 29th October 1990. May his soul find eternal peace.


The power to supress

The pain and the loss

The tears and the saddness

The grief inside

Lying there


Sleep please, oh sleep

The memories suppressed

No power to deal

With the pain that you caused

The gap no one can fill

Your selfish act

Leaves me broken

Afraid to love

Afraid to live

Through suppression I survive

Suicide not only killed you

Copyright Amanda Evans

Amanda Evans is the producer of http://www. amandawrites. com Here you can view all her poems and articles and also subscribe to the Writers Passion Newsletter.

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