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If tears are an signal of how exceptional my connection with my nurse was, I cry with pride! I've come to see grief as pain with a purpose. Interestingly enough, as I cared for my look after in my home the last quite a few weeks of her life, much of what I had educated all through spiritual tradition about death had gone out the window. It seemed as even if I were down her forever! At times, I wallowed in desolation and self-pity.

Living life in slow motion, I gazed off into my own inner space, sobbed, and intermittently argued with that part of my mind that did not want my look after to go. Even what I had erudite about self-care was not available to me since I seemed to exist 'in a fog. ' I wasn't in receipt of a sufficient amount sleep and I felt scared and alone; but not for long!

I after all came to rest on the spiritual foundation that has conceded me this far in life. What a breather those knowledge became as I was able to see my grief as a journey of spiritual unfoldment. Grief is a conventional and biological answer to loss yet our civilization seems to hurry along the feelings about transitions that take time to heal. We be distressed what could have been and what we feel 'should' have been, along with not being able to see our loved one again, on Earth anyway!

The grief that I felt was certainly just me focusing on the idea that her life was ending. Using Spiritual principles, I was able to then focus on the truth, which is that Spirit, which is who we exceedingly are, is eternal! She too, would live on?

I feel like a large part of me died along with my mother. Maybe it was a part of me that was ready to be put at rest. Her death has bent a void in me that I can decide on to fill as I'd like. As I open up even more to larger spiritual understanding, I am knowledge to trust the whole course of life, counting death.

I have come to see this "mourning after" as a time to heal, to heal unprocessed despondency in my life, plus disappointments from relationships, jobs end earlier than I would have liked, behind beloved pets, and emotive from town to town as I grew up. There are opportunities inherent in life's changes that are a gateway to superior own and spiritual growth. The dynamics of alter can be stepping gravel to open up to the abundance of God's love.

I customary a card from a associate that said, "When the sea recedes, many materials and gifts act that if not never would have been noticed. " From a metaphysical or symbolic perspective, I can look at my mother's death as being the sea receding. Her death, part of the artless ebb and flow of life, brought me many gifts.

Grieving the loss of my look after complex surrender. There came a point where I had to let go and let God, and what a blessing that was! I increasingly remembered all that I had been qualified about eternal life and the truth that she reemerged into pure affirmative energy as she "went home" to God. A different gift I was reminded of when, by means of "coincidence" I ended up in the bureau of a amazing spiritual therapist, is that we are constantly being guided and we are never alone. I don't know my grief is just God's love washing over me. I can't seem to get away from God's goodness!

It is her death that inspires me to move ahead and get clear about what I would like to be subjected to in the next stage of my life. Comparable to her spiritual ascension, I feel that I am reemerging into the rest of my life with a more high and dry belief in the idea that the Loving Acumen that fashioned us and all of life is ever present, guiding and directing our ways.

God, you are the love that washes away what no longer serves me. For the duration of this time of grief, I ask that you wash away any restrictive belief I have that would hold me back.

Diana Kennedy is committed to assisting others in transforming their lives from the contained by out! She is an encouraging loudspeaker and writer. Diana is the biographer of Active from Attitude website and E zine. She is the Ministerial Associate at Unity of Tallahassee where she leads the early service, module and workshops. Diana is a approved knead analyst running at All About You! Manipulate where she specializes in Relaxation/Deep Handkerchief manipulation and spiritual energy balancing. Diana also leads TeleClasses for the Mind*Body*Spirit community. To catalog or to commerce her, call 850-878-2130, visit http://www. dianakennedy. com, or email living_from_spirit@yahoo. com. To subscribe to Existing from Attitude - A Breath of Inspiration, email Living_from_Spirit-subscribe@yahoogroups. com.


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