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The grief and belief association - grief-loss


"Grief is healing: To take away our grief is to take away our healing. And culture about life after death helps us heal with better hope, comfort and peace. " ~ Bob Olson

In approximately five years of investigating the odds of life after death, I have bare considerable demonstrate that there especially is an afterlife, that we actually do carry on to exist after death, and that our loved ones carry on to watch over us and guide us in the atmosphere world. But this is just the creation of my discoveries.

More recently, after allotment this demonstrate with thousands of ancestors about the world by means of my books, websites and articles, I have accepted a aim correlation amid one's level of grief and one's level of belief in an afterlife. I call it The Grief And Belief Connection.

I didn't continually have faith in in life after death. In the past, at any time I would lose a loved one to disease, tragedy or suicide, I would all the time astonishment if an next world existed. But idea about the chance of life after death never eased my grief since I was a skeptic. In fact, I was the worst kind of skeptic- a cynical one. This didn't mean my mind was blocked to the idea of life after death, but I considered necessary evidence. Yet the ethereal and mystic condition of the corroborate for an eternal life only instigated my cynical cynicism even more.

As a classified examiner with a amount in Criminology, data was my world. When I investigated murders, the courts only cared about the corroborate I discovered that proved or disproved the accused's guilt. When I handled domestic investigations, clients hired me to attain photographic and videographic demonstrate of their cheating spouses. And when I investigated individual injury cases, lawyers hired me to attain witness statements, photographs and background corroborate to at hand at trial. So it shouldn't come as a alarm that I was suspicious, to say the least, of the vague metaphysical corroborate that exists for an afterlife.

The strongest corroborate for an next world consists of the subsequent (all of which I found decisively missing in credibility): extrasensory mediums who claim to commune with spirits, those who have faith in they had a near-death experience, mesmerizing regressionists who assert a approach for past-life travel, and folks who deem to have skilled an after-death contact from a loved one in spirit. Such outrageous claims appeared less as corroborate of life after death and more as nave baloney from citizens who any need extra consideration in their lives or need a little supernatural to add to their faith. To this P. I. the demonstrate amounted to a bunch of hooey.

Then I visited a clairvoyant avenue who crooked my life upside-down. My brother-in-law had insisted she was legitimate, so I became fixed on proving her a phony. I booked an appointment for a one-hour reading. The one hour bowed into three, me howling like a lost child for half of it. The corroborate was too overwhelming, the minutiae too accurate. My belief that such corroborate was unbelievable fast crumbled.

The atmosphere courier delivered names, dates and memories about my life she could not feasible have known: that I played a saxophone solo in my average discipline band concert; that my birthday was in May and that my member of the clergy died at some point in that month, that my mother's name was Carol, my sister's name was Bonnie and my wife's name was Melissa; that I was in view of receiving a dog, expressly a fair lab; and that I had a brother named Brian who wasn't especially my brother (Brian was my cousin who moved in with my category when he was ten and I was thirteen as his parents died in a plane crash). And yes, she knew about the plane crash, too.

To this day, the channel still has no idea why she kept going that day clear of the customary one-hour reading. Yet by the end of the third hour, the demonstrate of an eternal life was stacked too high for me to linger in my disbelieving denial. This stranger-medium could not maybe have guessed all these information about my life. She had to be being paid her in sequence from spirit. No, not just any spirit-my father. Only he knew the minutiae of the e-mail she conveyed, or must I say, relayed. Not even Melissa, my wife whom I began dating when I was fifteen years old, knew all the facts of these clandestine memories. They were private, sacred to me. I had not communal them with anyone, not even in a journal.

Having been a freshly in print cause at the time, I certain to launch an investigation into life after death as the basis for my next book, activation with mediumship. I wasn't hasty. I spent four years researching and experiencing the metaphysical, constantly maintaining the fit cynicism I had urban as a classified eye. Over the choice of those four years, I customary over one hundred readings from some of the best clairvoyant mediums in the world. I met credible citizens with believable stories of near-death experience, and erudite there are thousands of accepted cases that all tell analogous financial records of their life after death journey. I even had my own doing well past-life regression, inconceivable me with not just the unexplainable comprehension I had about that past era but also the corporal and emotional roller-coaster ride I suffered for the duration of that regression.

After four years of infinite interviews, do research and individual experiences, I found for my part asking, "What's the purpose?" How does this data help people? The impact got lost in my hurry to find the answers. Now that I had them, I forgot the question. I even wondered if I was being irresponsible by exposing the communal to my discoveries because of my characters and speaking. Then, all at once, colonize in progress dying-nobody close to me, but rather, associates I knew by means of other people. And the fulfil I sought after hit me like android gun fire over the course of action of about ten months.

First, my friend, Kelly, lost her husband, Rick, at the age of 35 when a truck hit his car. He had pulled over on the highway to fulfil his cell phone, caustically for safety's sake. He left Kelly and two kids under the age of five. After the funeral and burial, I saw Kelly at the restaurant. She came at me like a wave, approval me like she had been eager to speak with me all day.

"Bob, you have no idea," Kelly began with a peaceful glimmer, "I am so indebted for the comprehension I had with that clairvoyant avenue a month ago. It has helped me get all the way through this, conscious that Rick is still here, that he is all right. I talk to him and he has given me concentration to get because of this," she acknowledged.

A few weeks later my wife, Melissa, and I got an email from Kelly's brother, Danny, and his wife, Caroline (my sister-in-law). They sought to thank Melissa and I for the spiritual insights they had cultured all the way through us from our work with extrasensory mediums. Our change had got them to watch John Edward's TV show, Crossing Over With John Edward, quite consistently ahead of the accident. They wrote that Rick's death was by hook or by crook easier to deal with due to what they had learned.

The same year our friend, Mary, lost her sister, Dianne. Mary had been to see one of my suggested spiritual mediums a few months prior. She hugged me tightly in the getting line at the wake, declaring her deliberate that her sister was not dead, but was alive in spirit. Aware is level of belief that domino effect from education about the life after death and seeing, consideration or experiencing the demonstrate in my opinion until you "know" it is true? real. Mary looked advance to earshot from Dianne at her next reading.

A few months later my other sister-in-law, Jen, lost her grandmother. Nana was probably her bordering alone and mentor. At the funeral, Jen common with me that she still talks with Nana all the time-because of what she educated because of my work. She knows Nana is still with her. Jen told me she is glad Nana had the break to read my book and concentrate an event I gave with five clairvoyant mediums. Jen believes these effects helped Nana with her passing.

The testimonials of Kelly, Danny, Caroline, Mary and Jen had a idea for me: Erudition about the eternal life gives hope, comfort and peace to the grieving. I now accepted that people's grief is precious by this corroborate at any rate of whether they learn about the eternal life ahead of or after they lose a celebrity close to them.

The coincidence of all these testimonials appearance inside such a short span of time was not lost on me. But just to be sure the idea sunk into my thick skull, character orchestrated a grand-finale of e-mail from at the back the fragile veil. I established twenty-two rapid-fire emails from strangers all over the world with analogous e-mail as those from Kelly, Danny, Caroline, Mary and Jen, thanking me for my book and articles on the afterlife. Okay, I got it; education about life after death helps colonize with their grief.

With this I urbanized the premise that there is a absolute bond connecting one's level of belief (in an afterlife) and one's level of grief. So I took surveys, interviewed experts, eavesdropped conversations and spied Internet chat-rooms. It was unanimous: belief and grief are connected. The data was extensive, even if unscientific. I had cultured to admit that about the spiritual. Proof is subjective. Some ancestors need more corroborate than others ahead of they believe. I understand. I was once one of those people.

Hence, I open The Grief And Belief Connection. While spiritual insight about life after death will not eliminate your grief, it can adjustment your brokenhearted come across from one of hopelessness, distress and fear to one of hope, comfort and peace. It is the discrepancy connecting wondering where your dead loved has gone, air a loss of bond with them and disquieting if they are still suffering-OR-knowing your loved one is carefully surrounded by the light and love of God, agreement that they are examination over you and can hear you speak to them, and believing that they are not suffering, but rather, celebrating their return with those who had crossed over ahead of them.

After approximately five years of investigation, these are my conclusions. For me, it has made all the difference, which is why I have now joint them with you.

Bob Olson
Author / Editor
For more in order and capital visit http://www. GriefandBelief. com

About The Author

BOB OLSON is a ex- disbeliever and clandestine researcher who has researched data of life after death for approximately five years. He now shares the spiritual insights, extraordinary experiences and exceptional persons he has met along his journey in order to bring hope, comfort and peace to the grieving. Bob is the creator of Win The Battle, co-author of Agreement Spirit, Appreciation By hand and editor of GriefAndBelief. com, OfSpirit. com Magazine, & BestPsychicMediums. com

editor@ofspirit. com

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