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Too many citizens are dying alone?

The dying are one of society's most unrecognized and under-served groups. As those near the end of life they are often ignored, discounted, misunderstood and forgotten.

We are doing a little about it?

The Sundown Brigade/Compassion in Act is a countrywide 501c(3) nonprofit club committed to raising society's consciousness about the needs of the dying all through convergence and expert education, advocacy, and ceremony to the terminally ill and their loved ones so that no one need die alone.

The Sundown Brigade is a non-profit inhabitant connection of end-of-life care volunteers. It was founded in 1997 in Los Angeles, and today has over 6,000 members nationwide. The Nightfall Brigade does not afford fitness care or address rest home services, despite the fact that it embraces the rest home approximate to end-of-life care. The Connection provides education, training, and volunteers to assist the terminally ill and those adjoining to them.

Weekend intensive workshops

The Nightfall Brigade offers an intensive 20-hour workshop deliberate to teach citizens how to endow with comfort and aid to the dying and their breed members. It is fitting for lay volunteers, as well as checkup and mental healthiness professionals. Three vital areas of focus are:

- Erudition what to do and how to be with the dying

- Addressing delicate fears and fluid issues that check associates from serving

- Emergent techniques for self-care and avoiding be exhausted in order to carry on portion this very distinctive population

The Connecticut Associate Episode of The Sundown Brigade at this time has initiatives underway to endow with guidance and volunteers for hospice, restorative homes, VA hospitals, and prisons. If you are fascinated in volunteering for this exclusive and worthwhile work entertain commerce us:

Karin Nemri, Episode Chairperson

Phone: 860-243-0869

or visit us at www. TwilightBrigadeCT. org

New England - New York Expansion

The Connecticut part is ration The Sundown Brigade increase into New York and New England. We are property exercise procedures and selection to form new chapters in this area. If you are attracted in property a weekend intensive round table or forming a interval in your area desire acquaintance us.

For more in a row about The Dusk Brigade citizen company visit www. TheTwilightBrigade. com

The dramatist is a practiced guide for The Nightfall Brigade. He is effective with The Sundown Brigade to begin volunteer chapters in the Northeast, especially in locations where there are VA hospitals.

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