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Handicapped from suicide - grief-loss


I am 23 years old. I come from a large family. I have 2 brothers (6 and 7), and 3 sisters (2months, 17, and 21). We are a very close famly, but I am above all close with my 17 year old sister. Like twins, with a very elite bond. For the most part we all led very average lives. I moved away got married and had two children, but we still saw each other every day.

One crack of dawn I was develop by my cell phone ringing very early in the morning. My parents were passion me to ask me to come to their house. When I got to the house you could as soon as tell amazing was very wrong. All they could say was it's Robin, my 17 year old sister. I unsaid maybe she had been in an bump or done a bit wrong. After all I educated that she had committed suicide. She had shot herself in the central point of the night while I slept peacefully. Let me tell you it took a long, long time already I even alleged it. That was December 13th, 2004. I died that day.

People try to tell you that time will heal your wounds but it has been 6 months and it gets harder every day. How are you consider to live a average life when your heart has been ripped out? Her suicide has handicapped me in more ways then I could account for to you. I wrote a communication to her and in it I tell her "there is no way that bullet hurt you half as bad as it hurt me. " My sister had no conceivable basis to kill herself. She had all in the world a loving category and a boyfriend who loved her so deeply. It just goes to show there is no set stereotype. It can come to pass to anyone.

I now am very actively dialogue to teens about the belongings of suicide and the pressures of life. If not you have been in my shoes you can not dream up the pain I go on every day. I hope that everybody analysis this gets even a small sense of what it can do to someone. I clearly advise that parents, friends, family, each apprehend how precious life is. Don't ever take for approved the fact that it won't come to pass to you. Stay close to the ones you love you never know when you won't see them again.

All I have left are memories and some old clothes but you have a ability to truly make a difference.

Lindsay Blades
http://www. electronicsobsession. com
lindsayblades@hotmail. com


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