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Like it or not, we think in line with our customs and tradition often times, right down to the level of how we think of death, or about death. I was a approved analyst for many years, and the issue came up a few times, and I was sad at its results, to hear Americas disgracefully annoying to avoid discussion about it. But let me put that aside and bring to a close the article. Yes customs and traditions set down; do play a big part in how we view death. Death being a average and actual thing; we mimic our parents and our TV heroes, and how they portray death. Why so much gloom out there on death [?] It has been about for a long time, as long as I've been about anyhow, fifty-seven years. It is often a taboo branch of learning to talk bout it in a variety of places. But you can see a lot of books on the subject; more than I can count.

I live in Minnesota, and Peru, and I have traveled much all the way through Mexico, Crucial America, and South America. The Maya, the Inca and the Aztecs took dying as a grounding period, along with rituals to be put into place; when they knew it was near; my protect was much like them. She told me about her preparing for death, three years beforehand she died at 83, in 2003. She was looking death into its face. And just ahead of she died she said, "I'm ready, I'm alright with it, let me go. " I was sad, but being sad only says we had good times together, that is what brought my tears, no more times. Selfish in a way; also, my look after left me with some fine last words, a little TV never grass out and parents that do not allow their family to see their dying grandparents, and so forth; on TV, or at the movies, all one can find are grunts for their dying heroes. That is not life.

People fear to talk about death, as if it was a storm out of control, brewing just for them. Death is seldom viewed by brood in America (as I before implied), as if it was a confidential affair. I seen my look after in the hospice 26-times in 23-days, when she was dying; and she was laughing and joking in her death bed. I am indebted for that time. It is a amount I feel, and I'm glad I had the deciding vote. I consider offspring ought to be acceptable to visit and see their grandparents on their dying beds, must they so wish to, and even pressed a bit to do so. My son's daughter saw her grandmother while she was dying in the hospital, and in progress crying, she was but a child. But what I feel she will consider is not her crying, but her great-grandmother's smiling, for that was the last consider she saw of her.

Perhaps death is too much like hell for Americans, since most ancestors I talk to think all and sundry is going to heaven, and thus, hell no longer exists. Be that as it may, hell and death seem to be connected; as my protect used to say, "Dennis, why does each one think they're going to heaven. " I couldn't fulfil that, but now I can, hell is too close to death, and death is their nemeses.

Author and Poet Dennis Siluk, his web site is: http://dennissiluk. tripod. com

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