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Is death certainly the end or the display to a new beginning? - grief-loss


Earlier this month I educated a dear alone had been diagnosed with airport cancer. She has been given less than six months to live as the blight has fully permeated her liver and pancreas.

Since the diagnosis, her fitness has hurriedly declined and the hope of realizing a number of more months of life is at once waning.

The fear of death holds a mighty grip since what lies clear of our bodily being is all in all mysterious and fear of the mysterious can be devastating and torturous.

Our spiritual beliefs play a major role in how we view death and how we answer when we are faced with it. Those who have faith in that brute death is the complete end of life may live their lasting days or months in terror, anger, and regret, and believe the role of a victim, the recipient of a callous injustice.

There are others who consider that our bodily time on earth is but a knowledge occasion on the path towards privileged awareness and evolution.

Everything in the universe is made up of energy, us included. There is an energy that brought us to earth in the form of a human being and this same energy will move us into our next form anything that may be.

Do you know where you were ahead of you came to earth? Ahead of you materialized here in the form of a human? If you knew what to be expecting on earth prior to incoming would you have jumped at the chance? Dream looking all the way through the classifieds in your preceding life and you read an ad that says,

Opportunity to join fast-paced, disorderly globe where you will be exposed to disease, war, pain, hunger, fear and hatred. You will appear not including skill or guard and must rely only on a more residential associate of your species for food, shelter, comfort and safety. You will not be able to feed or care for by hand all through your first few years of life and will not have the cognitive capacity to acknowledge chance or threat.

You may spend your increasing years in a loving background or in one crammed with hatred, violence and pain.

We cannot agreement your bodily form. You may come lacking limbs, perhaps be blind or deaf or be diagnosed with a form of destruction or defacement that might construct challenges or hardship for you. We cannot assure you love, abide by or an enjoyable voyage. It will be the role of a dice.

You will be given a heart that can be conked out and your atmosphere will be challenged regularly. You will come on earth absolutely exposed, ad lib and devoid of a survival handbook. You will be anticipated to learn, grow, endure on your own and make the most with what you have.

You are obtainable no guarantees and you cannot come back when you wish. You are committed for an hesitating age of time and may not benefit until you are called.

If this sounds like a touch you're concerned in, entertain sign on the dotted line below and inside seconds, you will be transported to earth in the form of a human being.

Good luck.


If you knew what to count on prior to combination earth, would you have signed up? The ad above contains no embroidery or false statements. It is actuality as we know it.

As human beings we also encounter love, comfort, security, happiness, accomplishment, learning, discovery, fun, pleasure, elation, pride, success, cyst and reward.

I would like to offer an choice perspective if I may, a suggestion, amazing to contemplate.

What if we are in the earth educate to experience, learn, grow and develop? What if it is a playground and a education institution? Life is nonentity more than a chain of experiences. That is what we do while we're here. We do nobody else but coin experiences.

Sometimes we may be called back ahead than we'd like to be and while earth can be scary and unpredictable, we would instead be here where we have acknowledged our arrangement than to head into the unknown.

What if you had a glance of where you were going? Would it make your transition easier?

What if bodily death means you are frequent to your original, energy state? Your real home? What if you knew you had earned a elite pair of wings and were being difficult to the next level in your evolution?

In your first state, you come into contact with no animal or emotional pain. You be au fait with that the lot is okay and that human life is a breathtaking experience. You may be disappointed that you will no longer be there for your offspring or loved ones, but what makes you think you won't?

In your first form, you may be even more rapidly to those you love and adept of guiding them with more sensation than you ever could in human form.

You may give the inspiration a songwriter receives when she writes a attractive song that will ease the pain of many and give hope and inspiration to your child in a time of despair.

You may be that intuitive voice that tells a loved one to turn left as an alternative of right, thus avoiding a tragic accident.

You may be the gentle wind that blows because of the hair of your grandchild as he rides his bicycle crossways a field.

You may coordinate that unanticipated appointment among your child and his soul mate and hope life partner.

Contemplate death as a transformation; the transition from one form of being to another. There is no end for the reason that life is infinite. Energy is transferred, not "snuffed out. "

When a tree dies, it profits to the earth in an misused state and rises again in new form. It nourishes the earth that gave it life and contributes to the new life of plants, plants and trees in the form of food and nourishment. That tree that once stood 100 feet tall now lives in the plants of the exquisite vegetation and grass that share its home.

Many ask, "Why does a person have to suffer?" Why do cancer, disease and biological tragedies have to be so merciless, so cruel?

Once we have transitioned to our new form, our human come across will be the alike in time to the blip on a radar screen, the blink of an eye.

While on earth, the affliction may seem endless as we are bound by time and space, but exterior of the brute world, time does not exist.

Maybe these ostensible injustices are played out to bring us back to what is truly chief and what we are here to learn. Every now and then we get trapped up in who has the larger home, the best ever car, the prettiest wife, the more celebrated title, and when we are faced with the impending loss of a loved one or scrutiny those we love suffer, we are affected to achieve that nonentity of background consequence actually matters.

What if life does not end, but only changes form? What if we do not cease to exist, but transform? We leave our bodily limitations and pain at the back of and conduct from a privileged awareness, an enlightened plane, an continuation exclusive of borders?

Cancer, disease, adversity and tragedy may not be a means of punishment, but a bold reminder that we must live life to the fullest, to be grateful for all that we have and to show love, compassion and acceptance for our fellow human beings.

Perhaps we be supposed to celebrate when a loved one receives her wings since she has been called home. Maybe we be supposed to not fear getting a call when our time comes for the reason that we will have educated our costly coaching and will be promoted to the next level of growth.

Laurie Hayes works with small and home-based affair owners who feel stuck. To collect constructive tips, strategies and techniques considered to grow a booming big business devoid of sacrificing condition of life, subscribe to her free bi-weekly newsletter at http://www. wheretheheartis-lifecoaching. com


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