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Angel of comfort... the story - grief-loss


I am an Angel comedian and a number of weeks ago while listening to the late night news, a news story came on that actually touched my heart. On the way home in the wedding limo . . . a drunk driver caused a appalling wreck, consequential in the loss of a child and the limo driver. This story stayed in my mind. A few days later, a woman emailed me requesting my help. She sought after to know if an Angel painting could be bent for this family. I closely knew who the category was. I heard a voice say . . . "Yes, you can help . . . Conceive an Angel of Comfort for her painting . . . their energies are considered necessary here. " I emailed the woman and she as soon as commissioned the painting.

The painting took on a life of its' own. Upon delivery, the woman emailed back axiom this was accurate and just what she had envisioned to help this family. I know my paintings help others all the time and had never attention of them selection in this way. The voice is still aphorism "There are more to help". I am researching grief and loss, thus the Angel of Comfort Gallery was created.

In my research, one of the definitions that I found actually struck a chord with me. "Grief is the answer to loss. " Losses can range from loss of employment, divorce, pets, communal status, a sense of safety, order, possessions, to the loss of the citizens adjoining to us together with friendships and relationships. Having qualified a number of of these losses myself, I would never have described the pain that I was going by means of as mournful except it was the death of a loved one or pet. When I accepted wisdom about what I had knowledgeable for the duration of these times I had a light bulb jiffy . . . I realized the pain felt no different. I was essentially grieving. This put a new comprehension on what I had been told . . . "There are more to help" . . . and why the Angel of Comfort Angel paintings will help so many.

Grief is grief and loss is loss and our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies answer back the same with a deep and profound sense of loss. This has opened contained by me a new accord of the work I have been given and why this new extra door has been opened on the path of my spiritual journey.

The bible verse in Matthew 5:4: "Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted", keeps administration because of my mind. It is because of the remembrance that curing takes place. This is the way releasing deep pain was deliberate by God, with the agreement that comfort will be and is provided. God sends His Angels for all things, for we are extremely loved and cared for and never alone.

A whole new agreement of grief and loss.

© Sharae Taylor

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Sharae Taylor is a well known Intuitive Angel Dancer whose paintings are in world wide collections and her works have been exhibited with other well known Angel Artists Andy Lakey ,Donna Terody Sheratan,Gary Markowitz, past art editor of "Angel Times" magazine and K. Martin Kuri, Angel Actor and Author. Sharae has also participated in many Angel Expos and Angel Conferences with other well known Angel Authors, Alma Daniels dramatist of "Ask Your Angels" and John Ronner biographer of "Do You Have a Guard Angel". Her Angel paintings are featured in the newly on the rampage "Angels" DVD by Llewellyn and New World Music and was featured in the February 2005 issue of Planetlightworker. com. Sharae is a available cause in magazines and ezine magazines. To view Sharae's Good art and for advance in a row visit her website at:http://www. angelsbysharae. com


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