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One womans way of industry with grief - grief-loss


All of us at one time or a different have felt grief: i don't know over a lost job, lost love, or the most heartbreaking, the death of a big shot we loved dearly. Each of us goes about the task of anguished in our own clear way.

When we lose a loved one the grief path is long and complicated. We feel so many assorted emotions, sadness, abandonment, anger; it seems we will never be average again.

When I lost my son and my companion contained by the same year, I was devastated. My son died in April of that year and my wife and I had him cremated. We apprehensive about what to do with the cremains.

One night as I pondered what had made my son happy in life, I remembered his love of Mickey Mouse. Even as an adult, he had loved Mickey. I knew what to do with his ashes then. I bought a plush Mickey Mouse doll and I put his ashes inside. I kept the doll close and was able to pick it up and hug it when I accepted wisdom of my son. It was a great comfort.

When my wife died 7 months later, he also was cremated. This time I knew accurately what to do with his ashes. He had given me a Teddy Bear many years before that I loved. Of course, I put his ashes in the Teddy Bear. Again, I could hold the bear when I belief of my husband. I could sob into its soft fur; I could hug it and feel as if I was being hugged. That Teddy Bear with my husband's ashes saved my sanity many a night, as I cried for myself to sleep.

The first summer after the deaths of my son and husband, my daughter, granddaughter and I on loan a beach home for a week. As we were packing to go, my daughter asked if I were bringing Fred (the bear with my husband's ashes) I said I hadn't attention of it. She at once said "But Fred loved the ocean, it can't be a category break not including him" My granddaughter chimed in " Uncle Tom didn't like the ocean, but can he come and stay in the house?" So the five of us took off for the beach, my daughter, my granddaughter, my dead companion and son and me. It was a wonderfully beneficial break for all of us.

Not only have other category members and I had the consolation of having our loved ones near, but also they have not been forgotten. It has been seven years and they are still a part of the children life.

This accost to inconsolable is not for everyone. The central thing to bring to mind is that grief is characteristic and must be handled individually. What is good for me might not work for you, but find a touch that does work for you. It doesn't be of importance what the world thinks. If you know your loved one would be okay with your elite path of grieving, then feel good about it and do it.

There are books and magazine articles to help and I advise you read as many as possible. Just having the goal of comprehension amazing takes some of the pain away for a short time.

Hospice has some amazing programs. Fusion one of their Mourning Groups can be advantageous on the road to recovery.

Contacting a Life Coach, who specializes in transition, grief and change, can help enormously when you need the support, inspiration and motivation to move ahead in transition.

(c) 2002 Beth Densmore

About the Author

Beth Densmore is a Individual Life Coach who offers support, inspiration and motivation to those who are in transition and want to do a goal. For more in order and more free articles like this, visit her site at http://www. newfocuscoaching. com.

Authors Note

Feel free to use this commentary for your web site or e-zine as long as it carcass impassive (including the "about the author" info), and you send a copy of your reprint to beth@newfocuscoaching. com.


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