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Grief & loss in rank - grief-loss

GoodBye GrandMa

My dear Grandma, I will never forget you & sorry that I was not there with you when you passed.Grandma.

Death Poem

During the two years of my husband's deadly illness, death was never far from my mind. We had been told he was dying and even a time in which it was assumed to happen.

How to Deal With A Death in the Ancestors and Still Run Your Small Business

As a small affair owner we have to deal with tax law changes, local ordinances, environmental laws, Worker's Compensation, etc. Just when we attention we had the whole thing under control, a touch terrible happenes.

Good Grief!

If tears are an sign of how distinctive my bond with my protect was, I cry with pride! I've come to see grief as pain with a purpose. Interestingly enough, as I cared for my protect in my home the last more than a few weeks of her life, much of what I had cultured by means of spiritual knowledge about death had gone out the window.

Coping with Grief - Its Called Active Because of It

"Dad, I tried to wake Nana, I think she's dead." "Grandpa died yesterday.

Dying at Home - A Precious Gift

Few of us care to think about the certainty of our own demise. We but that we are not immortal, nevertheless for the most part, we are booming in putting feelings of our own death from our mind.

In the Blink of an Eye

Today's Quote: "My house is burned down, but I can see the sky." Sally Reed, corruption survivorThirty five years ago this weekend, my member of the clergy died.

Present Jiffy Awareness: Coaching From My Dog

I've constantly waited for the achieve flash to be happy: As even if time were a flower before you to bloom. My messy puppy-happy elder dog knows better.

How To Heal Your Heart

We all come across awful heart break at some time in our lives. For many it happens in childhood or adolescence, the time when we are most vulnerable.

Afraid Of Dying? Frightened Of Living!

Over the years, I've heard many citizens voice their concerns of death and dying. It wasn't that they had any maladies that would cause them to die any time soon, but they were "afraid of their own immortality.

An Unexpected Letter

It was a fasten of weeks after Christmas, and I was continuance by my mailbox in the entrance of the apartment building construction where I lived in Lexington, Kentucky, asset a correspondence I had just received. The script was not common and neither was the come again address, while it was postmarked Seattle, Washington, the same place where Hannah Paulson used to live.

On Empathy

The Encyclopaedia Britannica (1999 edition) defines sympathy as:"The aptitude to dream oneself in anther's place and appreciate the other's feelings, desires, ideas, and actions. It is a term coined in the early 20th century, correspondent to the German Einfühlung and modelled on "sympathy.

The Grief And Belief Connection

"Grief is healing: To take away our grief is to take away our healing. And knowledge about life after death helps us heal with better hope, comfort and peace.

Traumas as Community Interactions

("He" in this text - to mean "He" or "She").We react to acute mishaps, life shifting setbacks, disasters, abuse, and death by going by means of the phases of grieving.

How Can I Transform Tragedy?

There is only one place where tragedy occurs, and that is in the mind. Tragedy may arrive on the scene to you on the animal level, however, it is the gigantic power of your mind that creates the pain and separation you feel, from Love, from God, from Life itself when you pay attention to what your egoic opinion are illuminating you, fairly than listen in to the voice of pure love, which can ONLY come from God, Holy Spirit, Divine Source.

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