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Angelo Dies

Angelo C, was a good man that never did any harm. He died yesterday in the shower over a critical asthma attack.

One Stray Tear

The delight lit my face as the duo bowed the back into a corner into the antechamber where we stood in lively conversation. I threw my arms open wide, overlooked the cell phones plastered to their ears, greeted each of them, first the spouse then the wife who followed to some extent after him.

Terrorism Worries: 10 Ways to Turn Fear into Hope

September 11th altered America and probability are it misused you. Similes of that tragic day pop into your mind lacking advice and you have a devoted ambiance of anxiety.

Learning to Live Again

Overcoming death and creation once again to live is the one thing that we never anticipate can ensue after we have practiced death. The truth is however, that whether we like it or not life continues on.

Do You Know A big name Whos Dying?

Too many colonize are dying alone?The dying are one of society's most unrecognized and under-served groups. As those near the end of life they are often ignored, discounted, misunderstood and forgotten.

Dads, Life, and Death

When he looked at me, it was clear my minister wasn't sure who I was. And as I looked back at him, I wasn't sure who he was, either.

Sympathy Messages

The loss of a loved one. It is often challenging to find the right words to articulate your sympathy to a big cheese at some point in this time of sorrow.

Dying On the Inside: A Childs Grief

The eager tooting of a car horn startled us into awareness. No one had belief away from assembly it by means of the heinous night.

Handicapped From Suicide

I am 23 years old. I come from a large family.

Why Dont We Talk About Preventive Grief?

I know blocking grief - a affection of loss ahead of a death or dreaded event occurs - far too well. My look after suffered from probable Alzheimer's disease and I was her caregiver for nine years.

The Class of a Mothers Death

Dedicated to my mother, FlorenceNovember 11, 1920 - May 25, 2005The Demise of the TorchShe lies in peaceful calm on her back with her hands, one atop the other, gently resting on her tummy. Those hands that loved to play the piano, educated me how to make the most delicious fudge, brushed my hair, held hundreds of books, benignly parted the air all through Tai Chi practice, crushed a career of typewriters, peeled logs in research for their new home, formed many a midnight darning automaton conception and, most importantly, held her family close to her heart.


If you have ever lost a big shot dear to you it is possible that you can still beckon up the grief that you may still be hauling deep exclusive by hand as a conclusion of the loss. If this grief, which is customarily felt as a deep saddness, is a touch that you would like to clear in by hand then you may find some hope here.

Death of a Parent: Axiom Good-Bye to Mommy or Daddy

Coping with the death of a loved one is never easy, anyhow of how old you are when that loss occurs. For offspring who lose a parent, however, the possessions can be devastating, indeed, and a plan will need to be put in place so that they can learn to admit this part of the life cycle and move on in a healthy, balanced manner.

New Tears [about Grievng--with commentary]

New Tears [about Grieving]If it rains or shinesLittle does it affair so? Days, like tear drops-Slip and slide, and go.I sit looking out my windowLittle do I want to say-? Goodbye and close my brain;Not forever, anyway!.

How to Deal with Suicide and Euthenasia

The next is a bang that indicates how you might admit suicidals, and how you might deal with them. But a warning: Suicide can be a very center issue, and it might be develop to have a expert deal with this issue if it comes up, but if this is very challenging to attain, this guide is a very good choice to adhere to if you have no other clarification to the problem.

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