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What this Rabbi Cultured from Not being Re-hired

It's a customary story, and I have been all through it before, and so have you. In January the Synagogue Personnel Group told me that they were recommending that the synagogue not renew my contract.

Silent Tears - from a Norwegian Hospital

Silent tears hit hospital-white sheets. The young Pakistani protect holds the mask that brings moisture, oxygen and medicine to her babygirls lungs as she struggles adjacent to the slime that threatens to stifle her.

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Justin was a archetypal ten year old boy. He liked Leggos, trains, and scrutiny TV.

How My Four Your Old Son Reacted To The Death Of His Great Nanny Biscuits

My nan was called Margaret and lived until the age of eighty eight. Alas she died in hospice and this critique describes how my son reacted to the news of her death.

Graceful Grief: Adorable Help is on the Way!

I deem that major adjustment and loss in our lives is a door to grow ourselves, to develop into more loving, concerned and accommodating towards others and ourselves. We have choices that agree on what the journey will look like.

Pet Loss: Considerable and Profound Loss or Much Ado about Nothing?

For those who have extremely loved and lost their beast companions, the counter is apparent and yet disturbing. There are still far too many colonize in our civilization who decrease and belittle the loss of a pet.

Watching Death

Like it or not, we think in line with our customs and tradition often times, right down to the level of how we think of death, or about death. I was a accredited analyst for many years, and the issue came up a few times, and I was sad at its results, to hear Americas dishonorably demanding to avoid discussion about it.

Am I a Protect - Tips for Managing Mother's Day After Miscarriage

Are you costs this Mother's Day wondering if you are, in fact, a mother? 900,000-1 million women in the U.S.

How to Deal with Suffering

Reflect upon the subsequent questions, and key those you feel might be most crucial for those who are most apprehensive about this topic.QUESTIONNAIRE ON HOW TO COPE WITH SUFFERING1- If there is a loving God, why do so many Christians and good associates have to be diagnosed with so much while others don't? What about actual disasters?2- In suffering, why are some citizens so sensitive, and others not, over the same event? Give examples.

Euthanasia: How Will I Know When its Time?

Pippin looked-for assistance from his owner to get to his feet. He gradually walked to the door, then desired help once again to step down onto the back porch.

Grief Masks

October makes me think of Halloween, and Halloween makes me think of masks, and masks jog your memory me that from time to time when we're grieving, we wear masks lacking even realizing it. We may never stop to think about how other citizens perceive our appearances, our imagery and our behaviors.


Recently, the magazine I own and edit got a hate correspondence that was so full of venom and hostility, it gave me shivers. The ultra-religious lady who wrote it is young and passionate about her beliefs.


It is one thing to be free; it is quite a different to be liberated. Deliverance implies that autonomy was absent for a time, and there was bondage.

Is Death Certainly the End or the Display to A New Beginning?

Earlier this month I academic a dear alone had been diagnosed with deadly cancer. She has been given less than six months to live as the corruption has fully permeated her liver and pancreas.

You Have to Show Up: On Small Miracles (Okay, maybe not so small)

I hadn't anticipated to go to my cousin's funeral.That sounds terrible, I know.

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